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Treklanders Adventure, although a new and raw adventure native company based in Kathmandu, Nepal. But slowly gaining popularity among trekkers and adventurers, as the staff and guides are more experienced and professionals.

The founder and all staff have already run and led countless treks and tours before the company was established. After a long experience in the tourism industry of more than decades the staff and guides have come together; to establish an adventure company. In making the company, quite different from other hundreds of local companies that offer, and provide the same types of holiday destinations.

After years of hard work and determination, the present staff and veteran guides of Treklanders Adventures have been successful. In reaching the aim and goals organizing a wide range of adventures and cultural tours, and being on top.

The success of Treklanders Adventure, goes to the teamwork of all staff and guides, in making all clients happy. Providing delightful holidays in Nepal and beyond the Himalayas, ever since the company began to operate; a wide range of exciting destinations.  

At present Treklanders Adventure is one of the rising companies, where visitors can experience the money-worth of adventure holidays. 

The company does not provide false hopes and promises, like other agencies. We are fully committed to offering only the best and most secure Himalayan holidays to all our guests.

The question is why choose and book with us, for many good reasons as follows:

01:     The Company was established 10 years ago, with professional expertise related to all types of tourism. All guides and staff have been working in the industry for more than a decade, leading successful treks and tours.

02:     The main priority is providing excellent services to all our customers whether on budget, standard or luxury trips. Treating every guest in the same gestures and manners, making them feel safe with warm hospitality.

03:     All guides and field staff have good knowledge of basic medical treatment and have attended various First Aid courses. Which is important for trekking around remote Himalayan destinations.

04:     Guides are well educated with great knowledge of the country from history, cultures, and religions to flora and fauna.

05:     Staff and guides are fully committed to Eco-Treks and Responsible Tourism in safeguarding the pristine environment in all treks and tours.

06:     Treklanders Adventures, besides a wide range of trekking and tours we run and organize volunteering treks to help rural poor villages and schools.

07:     From every trip, we run and organize, we save 20 % from the trip cost to help and support remote villages uplifting the standard in various ways. Like maintaining trail conditions, managing safe drinking water, and planting tree saplings. As well as providing educational materials to village schools.

08:     Treklanders Adventures provides the best and full details and information, for any queries made by the guest.

09:     Reasonable price on every trip we run in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet with money-worth of holidays.

10:     All trips are well organized providing excellent services from the moment of guest arrival to final departures. Where all customers feel glad and satisfied in choosing us for the right holidays.

For more of Treklanders best services and trips that we run and organize.

Please explore our homepage/websites to learn more about us.

Thank you for taking an interest to join us shortly, for enjoyable and memorable adventures.



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