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Paragliding The Himalayan Sky

Paragliding the Himalayan sky, in the close backdrop of the stunning towering snow-capped mountain range. Facing a tremendous panorama of rolling green hills dotted with farm villages and terraced fields with verdant valleys, and simmering rivers. Paragliding in Nepal started from 1996 onwards, the first hot spot was from the high hill of Sarankot. Located outskirts of scenic Pokhara, blessed with the natural beauty of the Annapurna Himalayas and serene lakes.

Paragliding at present, one of the most popular outdoor activities in adventure sports, is a short and graceful flight. Where one can float along with tremendous views of the white snow peaks of Nepal Himalayas. Around Nepal there are several places to enjoy the thrill of Paragliding within Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys, and beyond. One of the safest adventures above the beautiful landscapes, where one can fly on your own, or with a guide.

Paragliding for less than an hour or more, allows you to experience the Nepalese dramatic country backdrops. Floating above the Himalayan clear blue sky and feeling in high spirits with refreshing cool mountain air.

Visitors can enjoy the exciting floats before or after your major trip to Nepal Himalayas. Paragliding is the ultimate way of experiencing the Himalayas and its beautiful country from the air. Within the shadow of a massif Himalayan range of peaks, with contrast to tiers of green hills.

Paragliding in Nepal is well approved by the Government of Tourism Department under the surveillance and instructions of expert, professional pilots. 

There are two types of Paragliding to enjoy:

Tandem Paragliding, is the perfect exposure for beginners flying with the support of an experienced pilot. As you will be seated at a separate harness in front of the pilot. Tandem paragliding provides the leverage of taking pictures while flying and chatting with the pilot. It allows great comfort in comparison to flying on your own.

For the experienced adventurers who want to enjoy the thrill of paragliding on their own. Can avail of a flying permit from the civil aviation office in Pokhara, the whole procedure of obtaining the permit is effortless and takes just an hour.


Chapa-Kharka:  After booking with chosen Paragliding Company in Kathmandu, the staff will receive you at the hotel. A short drive to the starting point of Paragliding, a mere distance of 13 km / 08 miles. Reaching Chapa-Kharka, located north of Kathmandu at 2,100 m / 6,890 feet, amidst lush green vegetation within the fresh air. A short run from the ridge of Chapa Kharka and floating above Kathmandu valley facing tremendous views. Overlooking the grand scenery of Kathmandu city and snow-capped peaks. An exciting joy ridge of less than an hour, and feeling refreshed with the morning cool air.

KOT DANDA: Kot Danda is another ideal spot for Paragliding amidst Kathmandu Valley, located 12 km / 07 ½ miles away from Tribhuvan International Airport, apart from being the perfect spot for thermal navigation. This place is also blessed with grand views of the greenery and lush vegetation with exotic birds. Here the experts will provide all the safety instructions, before starting the joy ride on Paragliding.

GODAVARI: Godavari a beautiful place with a green environment, also treasures the only botanical garden in Nepal. Not far from the city limit of Kathmandu and Patan / Lalitpur cities, a mere distance from Patan / Lalitpur. About 10 km / 6 ½ miles to reach Godavari and the start of Paragliding.

PHULCHOWKI: Phulchowki Hill, located above Godavari village and town, is the highest hill that surrounds the Kathmandu Valley. Phulchowki Hill at 2,762 m / 9,062 feet high, 20 km / 13 miles southeast of Kathmandu. The scenic spot is known as the hills of flowers, which you can witness during the springtime of March to May. 

From Phulchowki, enjoy the panorama of western and central Himalayan peaks as far as the Everest range on the Far East horizon. An exciting place for paragliding as well for incredible views of snow peaks and Kathmandu valley.

SARANKOT HILL: The famous and popular hill for all types of sports activities including Zip-Line and Paragliding. As well as stunning sunrise views over a chain of Himalayan peaks from Dhaulagiri, Annapurna to the Manaslu Himalayan range. Including majestic

Machhapuchare Himal the famed Fish-Tail peaks with a panorama of Pokhara valley and the lakes. A popular scenic spot, as well as the first place where Paragliding in Pokhara and around Nepal started. Located 1,592 m / 5,225 feet high above Pokhara city and valley, one of the vantage points for scenic views.

Enjoy the sunrise along with an exciting joy ride Paragliding amidst a beautiful Himalayan backdrop.

Seasons for Paragliding: Paragliding is an adventure sport that solely depends on the weather and the gliding season in Nepal. Starts with spring from March to May, and autumn/fall from November to winter times of February. But the perfect time to experience this thrilling sport is between Novembers to December. 

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